Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The curriculum that we teach in our Nursery and Reception classes meets the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our curriculum planning focuses on the Early Learning Goals, as set out in these documents, and on developing children’s skills and experiences. Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn best through play, and by engaging in well planned and structured activities we achieve this goal. Pupils and practitioners hold joint planning sessions so the pupils ideas and interests are taken into account when planning.

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FS1 Summer 2017-18

FS1 Spring 2017-18

FS1 Autumn 2017-18


FS2 Summer 2 2017-18

FS2 Summer 1 2017-18

FS2 Spring 2 2017-18

FS2 Spring 1 2017 – 18

FS2 Autumn  2017-18


Foundation Policy 2017

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FS2 MIND MAP Spring 1 2017

FS2 Spring 1 2017

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