The links on this page will provide you and your child with all the information you will need to begin your learning journey with us.

  1. Booklet for New Arrivals 2019-2020 –  this contains a wealth of information from guidance on breaks and medical issues to times of the day and uniform details.
  2. School Staff and Classes
  3. Akrotiri School Calendar
  4. Typical Day
  5. School Vision and Values
  6. Behaviour Policy September 2018
  7. School Library
  8. PTA welcome letter
  9. Maps
  10. Request for term time leave

You will receive all of the information above in a pack when you arrive.  The pack allows you take out any of the leaflets or sheets should you wish to keep them handy.

Replacement forms can be requested from the school office. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any additional information.