Staff List and Classes

Members of Staff and Year Groups 2019-2020

Foundation Stage 1

Mrs Louise McKenna (Seahorses)
Miss Lucy King (Geckos)

Foundation Stage 2

Mrs Nia Roberts (Bees)
Miss Ashleigh Cooper (Hermit Crabs)
Mr Kevin Robinson (Foxes)
Mrs Wendy Sinclair (Firebugs)

Year 1

Mrs Sallyann Taylor (Vipers)
Mr James Bennington (Whipsnakes)
Mrs Emma Bowles (Lizards)

Year 2

Mrs Tracy Gibbs (Caterpillars)
Mrs Rachel Clarke (Mantis)
Miss Vicky Flynn (Scorpions)

Year 3

Miss Fiona Kirby (Starfishes)
Mr Anthony Ball (Octopuses)
Miss Shonagh MacKenzie (Sharks)

Year 4

Mr Jamie McKenna (Dolphins)
Miss Amanda Lowe (Seals)
Mrs Andrea Kemble (Whales)

Year 5

Mrs Kristy Ashford (Pelicans)
Mrs Claire Cotter (Flamingos)

Year 6

Mr Michael Collins (Peregrine Falcons)
Mrs Lisa Humphries (Eleonora Falcons)


Mr Ben Turner

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Hannah Robinson

Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Rachel Ball

Support Teachers

Mrs Mary Keoghan (Humanities)
Mr Paul McCool (Computing)
Mr Andy Bowles (Forest Schools)
Mrs Lindsay Winslade (Special Educational Needs)

Inclusion Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Sue Williams
Mrs Leanne Bennington (Learning Mentor)

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Each class is supported by at least one full-time LSA.



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