Communication with Parents

Our school prides itself on communication with parents. We understand that it is essential to work collaboratively with parents / carers to ensure that we are able to provide the very best possible education, experiences and welfare for all our pupils.

We can offer assistance for communications with our parents who have English as an additional language (EAL).

New arrivals communication

There will be a vast amount of communication when your child enters our school to enable them to settle quickly and happily. Please see the arrival section of our website for more information.

Parents/teacher/pupil consultations

These take place twice a year. Once in the autumn term and once in the spring term. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and how to support their progress.

Annual Reports

These are written annually in the summer term. They provide you with a detailed and up to date review of your child’s achievements.


Our website provides current information about key events at our school. In addition, it offers advice and knowledge on to how to support your child’s learning.

Follow this link to find out more: Helping Your Child


In Akrotiri School we use Seesaw for communication and assessment purposes.

Pupils with special educational needs/ disabilities

In addition to the above, if your child has special educational needs / disabilities, the following communication also takes place.

    • IEP/IBP Review Meetings
    • Meetings with outside agencies

We can offer assistance for communications with our parents who have English as an additional language (EAL).

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Parent View

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school

Please use this link to access the Ofsted Parent View website.

If you cannot access the Internet from home, please tell us as we can arrange access from School.