On Arrival with Us

If you are being posted to RAF Akrotiri, please contact us via telephone or email ([email protected]) to let us know your proposed dates and your children’s details.

Day 1 – Completion of paperwork

When parents and child arrive in Cyprus, they visit the school at the pre-arranged date and time to:

  •  provide any records from previous schools eg school report, recent SAT scores and levels or Foundation Stage Profile scores where available.
  • complete the SSAFA Forces Help School Health Record and Medical information form which is passed on to the School Nurse.
  • collect a School information pack

School tour

When admission paperwork is completed and checked, parents and children are taken for a school tour which includes:

  •  meeting the HT, or an available member of the SLT.
  •  the location of important areas within the school such as the main hall, computing room, toilets, playgrounds, water fountains, library, staff room, first aid, lost property etc.
  •  visiting their new classroom and meeting their new class teacher, classmates and buddies.
  •  child / children having the opportunity to tour the school with an older pupil.

Parents are given any paperwork appropriate to the year group of their child and any other appropriate documentation.

Day Two – First full day in school

  • class teacher meets the child on the play ground
  •  class teacher will have peg, tray, lesson timetable, homework timetable, weekly events timetable i.e. swimming, library, PE organised in advance.
  •  class teacher introduces the class and allocated ‘buddy’ provides personal support and helps the new child understand school routines.

After three weeks – class teacher discussion with parents of new pupil
The class teacher invites parents in to school to discuss how the child is settling in. This will include:

  • settling in- both socially and emotionally
  • a discussion regarding their current attainment
  • a discussion regarding their future learning and possible targets set
  • any curriculum information that may need to be shared
  • time to answer any parental queries

Our arrivals policy provides more details of the process involved.


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