Typical Day

Year Start Time Finish Time

Foundation Stage 1
        Session 1



 Session 1 continued (charged & entitled only) 1045 1345

Foundation Stage 2 0750 1345

 KS1 (Y1 & Y2) 0745 1345

 KS2 (Y3 –  Y6) 0745 1345

As school starts at 0745 hrs for FS2, KS1 & KS2, children should arrive from 0735 hrs onwards. We cannot take legal responsibility for your child until 0735 hrs, and therefore wish to discourage early arrivers as there will not be anyone on duty on the playground until this time.

Healthy Eating and Break Times

Break Times


1st break and fruit break:  0915-0930

Brunch:                                 1130-1150

2nd break:                            1150-1215


1st break:    0915-0930

2nd break:  1130-1150

Brunch:       1150-1215


At Akrotiri School, we actively encourage healthy eating. We only have your children for five hours a day, and when they are with us we try to ensure that they have access to a range of healthy foods. We ask all parents who choose to provide snacks or packed lunches for their children to ensure that they do not contain nuts, sweets, crisps or chocolate. A suggested snack would contain a small sandwich, a piece of fruit and a drink.

During our first break the pupils in KS2 have the opportunity to eat a snack brought in from home, however, this is optional. If your child wishes to have a snack during this break please support us in ensuring it is healthy.

During the same break KS1, FS1 & FS2 pupils are provided with free fruit which is in line with UK arrangements.

The second break is a brunch break. FS2 and KS1 pupils can choose to have a healthy brunch provided by the school, again in line with UK arrangements. Parents of KS2 pupils will need to continue to provide a healthy lunchbox. The pupils in KS2 have fifteen minutes to eat their brunch after going out to play.

In FS1 we will continue to provide a healthy and varied snack for children which will include daily fruit. To enable us to provide this we ask for a contribution of 60 cents a day per child, payable in the Foundation Stage office.

Wet and Hot Playtimes

If it is very wet children are supervised in their classrooms during break times.

We operate a ‘No hat- No play’ policy in the hotter months.  When this is in force children must either wear a hat to play or sit in the shade out of the sun.  We seek advice regularly from the meteorological office on camp and keep children inside for breaks if it is too hot.

Please note that in the event of air conditioning failure the children may be sent home.

After School Activities

We have lots of different activities which are held after school. All clubs are run on a voluntary basis and are very well attended by our pupils.  Club details are sent out termly.