Before Joining Us

In accordance with MOD Policy, all new families must have an Educational Clearance Certificate (ECC) before they travel from the UK. This is written confirmation from the Headmaster that your child can be given a place at Akrotiri School.

Please complete and return the ‘ESAR OES 101’ form to: [email protected]

The Educational Clearance Certificate and a letter offering a school place will be sent to you once the school has replied to our enquiry and the school leadership team have reviewed the information.

As soon as you receive flight details we ask that you contact us to arrange a visit to school.

Our visits are on held on weekdays, by appointment. You will be shown around the school and given up to date communications for your child. The tour gives you and your child or children the opportunity to meet their new teacher, be introduced to other pupils, see the classroom and understand the layout of the school. Children will then start school at the beginning of the next school day. About 2-3 weeks after starting at our school, parents will be invited by their child’s teacher for a brief chat about how they have settled in.

Akrotiri School has 3 intakes a year into our FS1 and one intake a year into the FS2 classes. Children start in the FS1 the term after their 3rd birthday. There are Autumn, Spring and Summer Term intakes.

Parents of children who attend the RAF Akrotiri Early Years Setting and who will be transferring to our Foundation Stage need to complete school registration forms and produce their child’s birth certificate at the same time.

All school records from previous schools and any work books available, should be brought in to school and handed in to the Main Office.

Please Note:

The school is able to issue an Educational Clearance Certificate during working days only.  Please ensure you apply for your child’s place in Akrotiri School in time as an Educational Clearance Certificate may not be issued during school holidays.